Waterproof Case For Galaxy Note 3

August 19, 2013

galaxy note 3 waterproof case

If you’re looking for a Galaxy Note 3 waterproof case then you’ll want to check this out.

There are the huge bulky cases like the great OtterBox defender case that cost $50 and is as water proof as a case can get.

But lets be honest, you’ll probably not need a waterproof Note 3 case at all times. Most likely you’ll want it just when you’re around some water with the possibility that your Galaxy Note 3 could fall in and get wet. So why get a huge bulky case that you’ll have with you at all times when you probably just need the waterproof security every once in a while?

Get a waterproof bag like this.

*There are none out yet that fit the beastly Note 3, the one that is very popular only fits phones up to 5.3″. We’ll update this page when the Galaxy Note 3 waterproof case is out.

galaxy note 3 waterproof cases

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