best galaxy note 3 caseThere are more and more Galaxy Note 3 cases being release now and one of the most popular cases for the high end smartphones recently have been from iBlason.

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This case has two layers of protection like many of the beefy protective cases do. It has an inner layer of rubber for absorbing shocks and then a hard plastic outer shell that snaps on and offers extra protection and a built in kickstand.

It comes in three accent colors.

It also includes a locking belt clip swivel holster…a good thing to have with this beast of a phone.


SPIGEN Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Case

One Galaxy Note 3 case that looks amazing and is getting some early mixed reviews is the spigen note 3 case.

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It looks amazing first off, it has a two layer protection with an inner rubber layer and then a hard plastic outer frame to protect the corners from a drop.

It also has two metal buttons on either side for the power and volume rocker. The frame comes in 6 different colors and they all are classy and look awesome.

It looks like the bad reviews are from people that have not even received the case yet…you gotta realize it’s hard for these case companies to get the cases out the same time the phone comes out…it usually takes a few weeks.



SPIGEN Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Cases


galaxy note 3 cover

Finally the Galaxy Note 3 has been officially announced and all the awesome features and specs are out. Seriously watch the video below, there are all kinds of cool unique things you can do with this baby. For example, use the spen to draw a box and then select an app to run in that box/window over the other app in the background….pretty sweet.

Ok, there is so many features that the Galaxy Note 3 has that other phones don’t have.  You can browse the web on the top half of the screen and take notes on the bottom half, dragging text and pictures from the browser onto your note application. You can also open up other apps over each other like a chat app over your note app or browser and simply drag pictures and text from the browser to the chat app or email app.

There will be another post talking about the Note 3 features because there are so many.

Galaxy Note 3 Specs

  • 5.7″ HD 1080p screen – super AMOLED
  • 1.9GHz Exynos 5 Octa or 2.3GHz quad-core snapdragon 800 (depends on the country)
  • 3GB of RAM!
  • Internal storage of 32GB or 64GB
  • 13MP camera
  • 1080p video camera at 60fps
  • *one version can record the rediculous 4k Ultra HD video
  • 3,200 mAh battery

Even though the battery is a 3,200 mAh, Samsung says it’s a more efficient phone and that the Note 3 has 40% more video playback time then the Note 2.

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Galaxy Note 3 Pre-order date

September 5, 2013


galaxy note 3 preorder date

Get your Galaxy Note 3 on! While the Note 4 is launching on September 25, you can pre-order it on September 6th which is Friday!

You’ll have to wait a little while to get your $300 galaxy gear watch because they’re not launching until October.


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Galaxy Note 3 Shipping in September

August 19, 2013

The Galaxy Note 3 is rumored to be shipping in early September. There are not hard release dates yet, but it will be in September and probably week 1-2. Also, it looks like the Note 3 will not even have a 16GB option…they’re just going to start a 32GB and go up to 64GB. And [...]

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Waterproof Case For Galaxy Note 3

August 19, 2013

If you’re looking for a Galaxy Note 3 waterproof case then you’ll want to check this out. There are the huge bulky cases like the great OtterBox defender case that cost $50 and is as water proof as a case can get. But lets be honest, you’ll probably not need a waterproof Note 3 case [...]

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Galaxy Note 3 Models

July 19, 2013

We guessed there would be several models of the Galaxy Note 3 because Samsung release several models of the Galaxy S4. There is a report floating around saying that the Galaxy Note 3 will come in a possible four models not including special color models. It looks like the standard Note 3, probably a Galaxy [...]

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Galaxy Note 3 Camera 13MP + Xenon Flash

July 19, 2013

Some info slipped out recently about the the Note 3 that says it will have a previously rumored 13MP camera. It also says it will not have a LED flash but it will be sporting a Xenon Flash. The sketch below is belived to be for the Note 3 manual and the  Samsung SM-N900 is known [...]

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Galaxy Note 3 Active

July 11, 2013

With the popularity of the Galaxy S4 active and the fact that Samsung has broke the Galaxy s4 line up into three phones makes us think that there might be a chance for a Note 3 active version. The waterproof, dust proof and more rugged S4 active is really the phone that most people should [...]

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Galaxy Note 3 RAM – 3GB

July 3, 2013

A Korean newspaper says that the Galaxy Note 3 might have a massive 3GB of RAM. This was actually a previous rumor too.This will be the first smartphone with 3GB of RAM. The Galaxy note 3 is shaping up to be an absolute beast of a smartphone in terms of size and super high end [...]

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